Mutant Chronicles: Imperial Sourcebook

Clans of Damnation

 Scattered across the solar system, the Imperial corporation is united by mutual ambition. The disparate and eclectic Clans of Imperial are perpetually moving to acquire new territory and new companies, and war is simply one means to that end. Plagued by a dark and bloody history, Imperial focusses its determination and its ambition outwards, to rival corporations and the Dark Legion… 

  • The Clans: What defines the Imperial people? Discover the cultures of the corporation’s numerous Clans and the history of strife and struggle that defies them.
  • The Holdings: Discover the territories of Imperial, scattered upon Mercury, Venus, Luna, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and beyond. 
  • The Serenity and Parliament: Learn about the inner workings of Imperial, from the Serene Leader and Houses of Parliament, to the complex bureaucracy that keeps everything running, to the agents of Imperial Security Command, and the doughty soldiers of the Ministry of War.
  • Rune Lore: Uncover hidden secrets of Runecraft and alchemy, which give the ferocious Wolfbanes an edge against the Darkness.
  • Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to the Imperial corporation

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