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City of Mist: Gambling with Death - PDF

£7.49 GBP

Gambling with Death

A Case of Untimely Death and Shady Dealings at the Casino 

In an attempt to save his life, the ruler of a casino empire who is up to his neck in debt captures a legendary hustler who he hopes could be his salvation. However, not only do her powers fail to stop his debtor, Death himself, from collecting his due, but Death also demands that the ruler sacrifices his fake savior as punishment… Now the casino magnate and his security team scramble to cover up the murder as the crew ventures into the dark secrets behind the glitz and glamour of the Royal Plaza Hotel! 

This standalone PDF describes an investigation case (adventure) for the City of Mist RPG. You can use it in the following ways: 

  • As a one-time scenario, involving a casino, a failed heist, and a poor people making poor Decisions. 
  • As an introduction to a series, focusing on the Avatar of Hades, Greek god of death and the underworld and his malicious operation as the City’s greatest crimelord. 
  • As a prequel/sequel episode for Shark Tank (coming soon), a separate case exploring a different branch of Hades’ operation.