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FREE SHIPPING over £150 to US/UK use code USUK

City of Mist Location Maps - PDF

£7.49 GBP

"Pitch-perfect blend of superhero and noir tabletop RPG... The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust." --GEEK & SUNDRY

Take the role of gritty detectives and unscrupulous city folk wielding mythical powers in this award-winning tabletop role-playing game. Investigate crimes committed by modern-day legends as you struggle to balance the legend inside you with your everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the City of Mist with these ten (10) different A4-Sized PDF maps of the City's most dramatic locations including: The Back Alley - The Subway - The Private Office - The Dirty Dive - The Museum - The Docks - The Warehouse - Chinatown - The Motel - The Cabaret.