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Coriolis The Third Horizon is a fantastic new science fiction roleplaying game from the makers of critically acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero. Uncover the mysteries of the Third Horizon, a rich tapestry of cultures that have settled the stars. Described as the "Arabian Nights in space" this is a rich, deep, complex RPG of which Stargazer's World said; "Coriolis is definitely a very intriguing space opera roleplaying game with a fresh and original setting."


  • Coriolis: The Dying Ship - Modiphius Entertainment
    Modiphius Entertainment

    Coriolis: The Dying Ship

    £14.99 GBP

    You will receive a FREE PDF version of this adventure upon completion of your order. It was hot, he was sweating heavily, and the exo felt bulky an...

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    £14.99 GBP