Mutant Chronicles: Double Sided A1 Poster - Core Book cover and Luna City Map

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Explore two sides of the Mutant Chronicles universe with this double-sided A1 (594 x 841 mm) sized poster featuring the cover of the core edition role-playing game on one side and a detailed map of Luna City on the other.

The awesome cover for the core edition of the roleplaying game, perfectly captures the spirit of Mutant Chronicles diesel-punk roleplaying game, a future beset by corporate intrigue and the threat of the dark Symmetry. It would make a handsome addition to any wall. We have shown this image from the GM screen, to illustrate it.

Luna City is mankind's closest neighbour and this is the perfect guide to the sprawling chaos of earth's oldest and nearest colony - and an admirable backdrop for your Mutant Chronicles adventures.

The poster features all of Luna's districts and boroughs, plus the most important landmarks of mankind's nearest neighbour. Explore key locations like the Memorial to Heroes, the Brotherhood Cathedral and the Doomtrooper Monument. It also makes a perfect companion to Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Campaign which is set on Luna City.

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