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Please note that this bundle does not include the base game which is available as part of the Siege of the Citadel Core Bundle and the Siege of the Citadel Doomtrooper Bundle.


This revamp of the classic 1990’s board game was previously only available to Kickstarter backers, but we now have limited numbers available direct from our webstore. This won’t be reprinted and once these games are sold, they’re gone for good and will not be in stores. So get your copy now!

This mega-sized bundle includes the Brotherhood Expansion Box, the Luna City Expansion Box, the Doomtrooper Bonus Pack, the Dark Legion Bonus Pack, the Dark Apostles Expansion, and a complete PDF bundle. Please note the images do not show everything you’ll get as part of this bundle, but you can see the contents of each component below:

The Brotherhood Expansion Box includes:

  • 3 playable Brotherhood faction character minis
  • 17 Dark Legion minis including 6 Algeroth Malignants, 4 Callistonian Intruders, 2 Curators, 2 Brass Apocalypts, 1 Valpurgis, 1 Praetorian Behemoth, and 1 Harbinger of the Void.
  • Over 130 cards (including light spells, dark gifts, and dark temptations)
  • 4 double-sided sector tiles
  • Over 100 cardboard tokens
  • 3 reference boards
  • 1 plastic player tray
  • A 16-page rules and mission book including a new campaign and 10 missions!

The Luna City Expansion Box includes:

  • 3 playable Luna PD faction character minis
  • 14 Dark Legion minis including 6 Heretics, 4 Twisted Marionettes, 2 Templars, 1 Von Holle, and 1 Zenithian Soulslayer.
  • Over 90 cards (including critical injuries and dark manifestations)
  • 4 Dread dice
  • 2 double-sided square sector tiles and 2 double-sided L-shaped sector tiles
  • Over 80 cardboard tokens
  • 3 reference boards
  • 1 plastic player tray
  • A 20-page rules and Luna PD mission book including 2 new campaigns and 10 missions!

The Doomtrooper Bonus Pack includes:

  • Bloodberet McBride and Pride dog minis
  • Edward Murdoch chibi figure
  • Alakhai the Cunning
  • 3 Game Tiles

The Dark Legion Bonus Pack includes:

  • 3 playable Whitestar faction character minis
  • 8 reinforcement heroes minis (one for each faction)
  • 18 Dark Legion minis including 5 Malignants, 3 Castigators, 3 Tekrons, 2 Defiled Avatars, 2 Metropolitan Prophets, 1 Mercurian Maculator, 1 Golgotha, 1 Karak the Keeper
  • Over 70 additional cards
  • 10 Lunar City Hazardous Location Tiles
  • 1 plastic player tray

The Dark Apostles Expansion includes:

  • 5 Dark Apostle minis including Algeroth, Demnogonis, Ilian, Muawijhe, and Semai
  • Over 50 additional cards
  • 6 double-sided sector tiles
  • An 8-page rules and mission book, including 5 new missions!

This bundle also includes rulebook PDFs and all the digital stretch goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign. You will be sent the PDF bundle automatically upon completion of purchase. The
PDF bundle includes:

  • Mutant Chronicles 2d20 RPG Crossover Supplement featuring an updated 2d20 version of the classic mission Baalzacht’s Black Gate, mechanics for tactical combat in the RPG using grids and tiles, guidance on creating your own legendary characters, rules for hacking the Dark Legion’s living biotechnology, RPG game stats for 11 classic monsters and iconic beasts including the Mercurian Maculator and Praetorian Behemoth!
  • Siege of the Citadel Base Game Rule Book
  • Siege of the Citadel Base Game Mission Book
  • Brotherhood Expansion Rules and Mission Book
  • Luna City Expansion Rules and Mission Book
  • Dark Apostles Rules and Missions
  • White Star Faction Rules
  • Siege Mission Guide
  • Cartel Campaign Missions
  • Designers Pack Mission Book
  • Golgotha Missions
  • Karak Missions
  • Cardinal Durand Rules and Mission Book
  • Imperial Regia Rules and Mission Book
  • Major Tang Mission Book
  • Sean D’Armatto Mission Book
  • Tsarina Rules and Mission Book
  • Mission Generator Rules
  • ‘A Broadcast Epic’ novella
  • All 4 issues of the 1996 Golgotha comic book and sourcebook

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