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Thunderbirds: Co-operative Board Game Miniatures Collector's Set

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Thunderbirds are go!

Prepare to take your place amongst International Rescue with the launch of this FAB Thunderbirds Miniatures Collector's Set, containing models of all the main characters and vehicles from Thunderbirds the Co-operative Board Game. 

Highly collectible, this set of plastic minis features all five of the heroic Tracy Brothers, Scott, Virgil, Gordon, Alan and John, plus Lady Penelope and the nefarious Hood. 

You'll also find models for all five of the Thunderbirds vehicles including general transport Thunderbird 2, the submersible Thunderbird 4, space station Thunderbird 5 and Lady Penelope's iconic FAB 1 Rolls Royce. 

This is an ideal collector's set suitable for painting to display your International Rescue allegiance, or as spares for Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game or for any members of International Rescue who have gone missing in action!