Achtung! Cthulhu - Plotting Cthulhu Dossier - PDF


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The 16 page Plotting Cthulhu Dossier helps you construct some truly nefarious Mythos plots set against the backdrop of World War Two. By looking at various inspirational sources it hopes to show how you, the Keeper, can mine them for ideas for your own games. If you are still a bit stumped, there is a comprehensive plot generator to further aid you in your machinations.

 Keeper's can use the tables in part or as a whole to give you the bare bones of your mind-shattering adventures. You can roll your way through the entire plot, taking advantage of the almost limitless variations, or just check one or more tables for inspiration when you are stuck. Dip in for a mysterious location, a villain, creature, artefact, or much, much more.

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