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This great value bundle includes all five of the special Conan card decks to aid and inspire your games of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of! Each set of cards is individually packaged in its own tuckbox that makes storage and transport easy. See below for descriptions and features of all the card packs included in this awesome bundle!

This product requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use. Due to the nature of its source material, this sourcebook may not be suitable for some readers and discretion is advised. Please ensure you discuss any potential issues before using this material.


Fortune, Momentum, and Doom are the primary in-game resources used in Conan. This action-packed set contains a total of 54 cards including all three categories, with descriptions, and quotes from Robert E. Howard’s tales to inspire players and gamemasters alike! Use this deck to make the spending of your Fortune, Momentum, and Doom easier and to inspire memorable adventures at your gaming table!

  • A total of 54 full colour cards including an instructions card, 6 Fortune Cards, 23 Momentum Cards and 24 Doom cards, easily identifiable by their phoenix, lion, and snake backs.
  • 6 Fortune Cards providing special effects players can use when spending their Fortune, 23 Momentum Cards with evocative and powerful Momentum spends.
  • Doom cards gamemasters can prepare in advance to unleash unique effects during the adventure! These also include quick rules references on adding Doom for both players and the gamemaster.


The Hyborian Age is filled with dangerous foes and useful allies! This deck contains 54 cards that, each, summarize one character or monster from Conan’s world, including their attributes, attacks, special abilities, and Doom spends. These provide an easy reference for all types of characters including the whole range from Minion, Toughened, Nemesis, Horror, and Undead. You can prepare these in advance, or draw randomly for a truly unexpected encounter!

  • A total of 54 full colour cards that includes creatures and characters your adventurers may encounter, among which you will find characters from Howard’s fiction, including Conan the Cimmerian himself!
  • Each character card showcases evocative art, all relevant statistics, special abilities, Doom spends (if available), and are complete with a quote from Robert E. Howard’s work.
  • In addition to creatures and characters, you will find quick reference cards on rules on creature categories, using groups of characters, and a definition of special abilities such as Fear or Immunity.


The vistas of the Hyborian Age are full of adventure and the potential for danger! This deck contains 54 cards showcasing classic locations to explore in Conan’s world. Each card has an evocative piece of art and a quote from Robert E. Howard’s work, and includes Fortune, Momentum and Doom spends for that location.

  • A total of 54 full colour cards detailing all sorts of locations like a tavern, a jail cell, a treasure room, or less urbane places such as a jungle or a valley.
  • A picture and a quote to evoke the feel of each given location, and an appropriate Fortune, Momentum and Doom spend it.
  • As a gamemaster, you can use these to prepare beforehand, or draw randomly if that suits your gamemastering style.


Magic in the Hyborian Age is dark and risky, coming at a terrible price. This deck contains 54 cards that cover everything you need to know on Sorcery: spells, rituals, artifacts, talents. All cards in this set cover an aspect of Sorcery and magic in the world of Conan, to make its application easy and quick.

  • A total of 54 full colour cards covering a range of magical topics.
  • Quick references on pertinent rules, spells, rituals, talents, and artifacts.
  • Page references on major spells to quickly find these in your Conan book for further clarification.


The Hyborian Age world Conan inhabits is rife with stories. This deck is a useful and exciting resource for Conan gamemasters. Its cards will help you to craft your own stories with unique plot elements, challenges, environments, and plot twists with ease! Plot ahead or randomly take the story into a fresh new directions, depending on your gamemastering style. Surprise your players, and yourself!

  • A total of 54 full colour cards including an instructions card, a range of cards showing hooks, plot fulfilment, goals, obstacles, and twists.
  • 13 Plot Hook cards to draw your players’ attention and to take your story in a new direction. 10 Plot Fulfilment cards to add exciting new elements to your plot.
  • 10 Goal cards to motivate your player characters. 10 Obstacle cards to make your player character’s lives more difficult. And finally, 10 Plot Twists cards to bring out the unexpected!

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