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This starter set comprises three key print books and one GM Screen package to get you get started in the epic Conan RPG: perfect for barbarians taking their first steps to trample the jeweled thrones of the earth beneath their sandals!

Comes with a substantial discount on the books when bought separately!

1 x Robert E Howard's Conan Adventures in Age Undreamed Of RPG Core Book

1 x Conan Player's Guide

1 x Conan GM Screen + GM Toolkit

1 x Jeweled Thrones of the Earth Adventures Book

 You will receive PDFs of all these products upon completion of purchase

 Reviews of the Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of RPG

 "If you really want the freedom to explore Howard's world on your own, you should pick up Modiphius' Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed. It is a true labor of love, filled with quotes from Conan stories and explanations of how the mechanics are meant to embody the spirit of the Howard’s world." Polygon Review

 " I do love this game.  It has an ability to make a cohesive group of players out of any group (herd of cats) in my opinion.  The feel of this game is brilliant.  The system is smooth, the book is beautiful and the subject is compelling.  I like this game so much that I am even considering purchasing the Conan Official d20’s and d6’s.  I use poker chips of different colours for tokens but I want everything in hard-copy and official. In my opinion this is probably the best fantasy(ish) RPG on the market today." RPG Knights Review

"Overall the book is gorgeous. But that’s probably not too surprising since we are talking about a Modiphius game. The production values of their products have always been top notch. I am always amazed how quickly and almost effortless Modiphius became one of the big names in tabletop RPG publishing" 

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