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The Wasteland Rogue bundle brings together all the miniature sets released as part of the Raiders wave. Including a huge selection of miniatures from the Raiders, Robots and Creatures factions. The bundle also includes the card pack required to use all the models included. 

Whether you want to lead the Raiders into battle, causing mayhem in the Wasteland and bringing misery to the more civilised corners of Boston, or bring new AI challenges to your game with the Robots or Creatures to add some terrifying adversaries, this bundle is for you. 

The bundle contents include all these fantastic sets (check the pictures or links below for more info):

Raiders - Core Set  
Raiders - Raiders, Scavvers & Psychos  
Raiders - Ack Ack, Sinjin & Avery  
Survivors: X-01 Survivor & Dogmeat  
Creatures: Ghouls  
Creatures: Wasteland Vermin  
Creatures: Deathclaw (2019)  
Robots: Assaultrons & Protectrons  
Robots: Sentry Bot (2019)  
Raiders Wave Card Expansion Pack  
naligned: Mysterious Stranger    

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