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Following hot on the heels of the release of the Symbaroum Core Book, Adventure Pack 1 is a 24 page PDF featuring two starter adventures, with further guidelines on how to design expeditions into the forest of Davokar and many more objects and artefacts to expand Symbaroum’s fascinating  world.

The introduction Treasure Hunts in Davokar can be used to design random encounters, or as inspiration for your own further adventures in the depths of the forest. With rules for preparation and excavation, it also contains tables to generate random encounters, all forms of treasure (from debris to mystical artefacts) and what kind of strange ruins may be discovered out in the wild.

Two further scenarios The Curse of the River Goddess and Blight Night are shorter form, standalone adventures which can be easily expanded into more detailed encounters if the Games Master wishes, but in either form will provide many hours of intense and entertaining gaming. 

Adventure Pack 1 will also contain many new objects and artefacts and even creatures with which to populate your Symbaroum adventures adding further colour, detail and depth with8 new artefacts, 12 mystical treasures, 50 curiosities, 2 full color maps, 3 alchemical elixirs, a new creature, 2 new monstrous traits, plus many more secrets from Symbaroum’s dark fantasy world waiting to be discovered! 


"Järnringen has put together a gorgeous physical product. Whatever the format, the sumptuous artwork provides an impressive view into the world of Symbaroum. Many of the images using broad strokes of light and shade, imbuing the world with a brooding and somewhat indistinct atmosphere. The townscapes of Yndaros and Thistle Hold appear wreathed in obscuring mists like some pervasive corruption mirroring that of the wild and ancient lands of Davokar to the north.

For those who favour the dark, Symbaroum will be brutal. I can imagine that this game will have as many Total Party Kills as some of the classics. When I last played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons I feared for my characters life with every footfall. Those travelling the paths of darkest Davokar should do the same. 

Symbaroum follows the increasingly familiar Scandi Drama theme of dark and haunting landscapes filled with enigmatic and damaged characters in complex relationships. The simple system and rich setting, thick with dark and evocative imagery, makes this a worthy consideration for new and experienced gamers alike." 

Paul Baldowski  -  Geek Native 

"Adventure Pack 1 on the other hand can be a great lesson on how easy it is to create memorable sessions and overarching campaigns that are strongly embedded in the setting with only a handful of ideas. If you are a Symbaroum GM, you are bound to buy this."




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