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A fantastic three panel gamesmaster screen for the Symbaroum roleplaying game. The front shows an atmospheric art work with a party of four adventurers stalking through the woods of Davokar, the perfect illustration for setting the mood of dark fantasy world. The reverse contains a set of handy tables and charts providing the gamesmaster with a charts and tables for some of the game’s most common mechanics, as well as shielding his plans from the inquisitive eyes of players.

 "When it comes to sturdiness and sheer luxury, Modiphius has an incredible track record of Screens on the market: we have seen together the Mutant: Year Zero Gamemaster Screenand the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Gamemaster Screen. The present screen does not falter. The artwork is impressive, the length and height are just right for your to cover your notes while at the same time maintain visual contact and be able to see the dice rolled on the table, while the tables that are provided are some of the most useful ones from the game. No space is wasted whatsoever. The inner part doesn't look busy even though it is filled with info as much as it can humanely be." review



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