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In the shadowy halls of Davokar ... grandiose  treasures  lay  side-by-side  with  items  that  should  not  be  touched.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell one from the other without touching, and by then  it  is  often  too  late.  Can  that  simple  truth  explain  why  master  Cornelio, Ordo  Magica’s  Chapter  Master  in  Thistle  Hold,  has  looked  so  grim  lately?  Is his  troubled  state  of mind  somehow  connected  to the  reputed  Tomb  of Dreams,  where  his  disciples  have  uncovered  a  mausoleum  riddled  with  markings  from the early days of Symbaroum?  

Rumours  are  circling  among  fortune  hunters  and  free  explorers.  Some  attribute the  Chapter Master’s  grim  face  to  troubles  regarding  how  to  salvage  and transport the treasure from the remote burial mound; others say that he worries about  Mayor  Nightpitch’s  claims  on  transparency  and  tolls.  But  the  older  and more  experienced  suspect  that  there  may  be  other  explanations  for  Cornelio’s dark gaze. And if they are correct, many more than Thistle Hold’s wizards have reason to fear what is to come...

Tomb  of  Dying  Dreams is  the  third  and  final  episode  in  the  adventure  suite meant to introduce players and GMs to the rules and game world of Symbaroum, following The Adventure Pack 1 and Mark of the Beast. It is  time  for  the  player  characters  to embark  on  a  journey  into  Davokar,  taking them  to  a  location  with  ancient  ruins,  horrifying  adversaries  and  secrets  which have been buried for centuries. 

Among other things, Tomb of Dying Dreams includes a rich adventure landscape set  in  the  depth  of  Davokar;  a  dozen  creatures  and  NPCs  to  cooperate  with  or fight against; five full colour maps and as many handouts; five mystical artefacts, six  new  traits; and  the  elixir  Purple  Sap  that can  wash  your  spirit  free  from  the taint of corruption.

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