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City of Mist: Stone Cold Beauty - PDF

£2.99 GBP

Stone Cold Beauty

A Vindictive Small-Time Villain of Petrifying Glamour

A vindictive supermodel tragically cast down from stardom, Madeline Moretti (Medusa) is the feared leader of a gang of mercenary thugs who specialize in making people “disappear”. Madeline grants her men bulletproof skin and then sends them to capture targets and bring them back, before using her stone gaze to add them to her vast collection of lifelike statues.

This standalone PDF describes a small-scale criminal operation for the City of Mist RPG, run by the Rift of Medusa, Madeline Moretti. You can use Madeline and her gang in your City of Mist game in the following ways:

  • As a component in a case or story arc you are creating, where Madeline and her gang are responsible for the systematic disappearance of unwanted individuals, for making a key witness mysteriously disappear, or for protecting another villain.
  • As a retaliation to the crew’s actions, where Madeline is hired by a third-party to make the crew or their supporting cast disappear, after the crew meddled in their affairs.
  • As a side case, where the crew searches for one of Madeline’s victims, allowing them to dig deeper into Madeline’s tragic past.
  • As a ready-to-play random encounter, when the crew unexpectedly crosses paths with Madeline, her sisters, or her bulletproof gangsters.