Conan Kickstarter - Conqueror's Collection

This is a late opportunity to get our Conqueror's Collection pledge at post Kickstarter prices. 

Upon payment you'll receive an invite to the Pledge Manager within 48 hours. Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager and you will have the opportunity to add extra funds to pay for Add Ons on top of the pledge and you will be able to change the pledge.

CONQUEROR's COLLECTION. Durable and elegant, like your grandmother’s Bible or your father’s sword this is a Deluxe Limited Print Run soft leather bound 'softback' collector's edition marked with the Phoenix on the Sword design pressed in to the leather, with gold-edged paper and reading ribbon. Comes complete with Limited Edition Conqueror's accoutrements. See Pledge Levels for examples of contents.

  • Conqueror Limited Edition core book in print 
  • Conqueror's Limited Edition Leather & Canvas bag with Phoenix on the Sword design 
  • Limited Edition Stygian Pit of Doom for dice and tokens 
  • Deluxe Q Workshop Dice Set (2 x d20, 1 x Hit Location d20, 6 x Combat d6) 
  • Deluxe stone token set (18 Fortune & 18 Doom Tokens) 
  • 100cm x 70cm Map of the Hyborian Age printed full colour on luxurious soft satin 
  • Conan RPG core book in PDF 
  • PLUS Every unlocked book in PDF (RRP $300+ if all unlocked) 
  • PLUS Blessings of Mitra when unlocked 
  • Your name in the backers' credits

ETA Spring 2017

Shipping: worldwide

Collections: Conan

Category: Conan, Kickstarter

Vendor: Modiphius Entertainment

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