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Elite Dangerous RPG - Military Sourcebook

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Begin your training in the Armies and Navies of the great galactic powers. Earn ranks to unlock powerful military spaceships. Use devastating new heavy weapons and military spacecraft to accomplish your objectives. Generate new missions and enemy bases using the new modules for the Random Generation Systems (RGS). With the Military Supplement the entire might of the Empire and Federation are behind you. 

  • 8 new Empire and Federation warships which can only be purchased by those with a military rank 
  • Military Rank Progression 
  • Random Base Generator, with rules for solo play 
  • Blast enemies with the Laser Carbine and long ranged Rail Rifle 
  • Overcome heavily armoured autonomous combat robots 
  • More character backgrounds and Karma Capabilities, including the Federal Reservist and Drone Controller 

Requires the Elite Dangerous RPG Core Book to play. You will recieve a free PDF to accompany this print book.