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Elite Dangerous RPG - Super Traders Sourcebook - PDF

£7.50 GBP


Just shift 40 tons of superconductors to Curtis Outpost in Ross 1057.
What could go wrong? Except for stopping to rescue orphans from a burning ship, being held up by anti-corporate freedom fighters, discovering a banned alien animal amongst the cargo pods, repairing your sparking Frame Shift Drive, discovering that your cargo is actually a narcotics shipment and fighting off a corrupt police force. Anyway you made it. Is now a good time to tell you that your buyer is dead and that the station has been set to explode?

Who’d be a trucker? 

  • Get more space! Buy the Boa Mk III, Cobra Mk IV and Keelback to shift that precious cargo.
  • Trouble with pirates? Send ship launched fighters after them, such as the F63 Condor, Tai Pan and the GU97 Imperial fighter.
  • Use the enhanced trading rules for more commodities, more markets and more profit!
  • Brand new Trading Missions with deadly twists that will challenge your players to the limit.
  • Encounter tables for civilised space. Rescue your fellow traders or be attacked from within your own ship.
  • More character backgrounds, equipment and Karma Capabilities.


Requires the EDRPG Core Book to play.