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In 2077, the storm of nuclear war reduced most of the planet to cinders. From the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization will struggle to arise, a civilization you will shape. Welcome to the Wasteland. Welcome to the world of Fallout.

A must have for the ultimate Fallout collector. The Table Bundle has everything you need to jump-start your entire tabletop gaming group into the Fallout Roleplaying experience.

With a total of two Fallout core rulebooks, including the beautiful G.E.C.K. core rulebook with debossed cover, your players will never have to wait to reference the explosive radius of a Fat Man nuke or how much of the explosion their T-45 Power Armor will absorb. 

Throw in a total of four sets of custom Fallout dice, Nuka-Cola caps, and the Gamemaster Toolkit, and you come away with a bundle of tools to forge a path for your and your friends through the Wasteland. These products are £238 separately; save £49 with this special launch offer!



    * When you purchase this pre-order, you will receive a copy of the core rulebook in PDF format by email. 

    G.E.C.K. Core Rulebook & Fallout Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

    This 438-page hardbound rulebook features a gorgeous cover design evoking the iconic Vault-Tec jumpsuit.  Inside, you will find rules and lore for roleplaying in the Fallout world, as well as concept art from the Fallout videogames. Utilizing Modiphius’ celebrated 2d20 cinematic role-playing system, the Fallout RPG will take players on an exciting journey into the post-apocalypse!

    • Immerse yourself in the genre-defining setting with the official Fallout™ tabletop roleplaying game.
    • Create your group of original characters, including vault dwellers, ghouls, super mutants, and even robots. Tell your own stories of survival in post-nuclear America using a host of non-playable characters and horrific mutated creatures.
    • Use iconic weapons, armor, chems, and items translated straight from the video game. Scavenge the ruins of the old world and make your mark on the wasteland.
    • Utilize the 2d20 System—a roleplaying rules set that supports both story-led adventures and detailed gameplay. Use Action Points to power your incredible wasteland wanderers, and augment their actions with your fantastic Perks.
    • Use an extensive catalogue of creatures and characters from the world of Fallout.
    • Gamemasters can kick things off with story hooks immersed in the Fallout universe, roll and build random encounters from tables inside the book, and even randomly generate locations and loot for their players.
    • 'With a Bang or a Whimper' 18 page introductory adventure.

      Gamemaster Toolkit 

      A post-nuclear roleplaying game needs the best storytellers and support you can get, and the GM's toolkit gives you everything you need to delve into the world of Fallout.

      • Helpful gaming handouts make play smoother and decisions easier all around the table.
      • GM's Booklet with tips and tables provides answers for the most common gaming questions and help for new and experienced GMs alike.
      • Includes iconic Fallout Map off the commonwealth wasteland and downtown post-nuclear Boston.
      • Character sheet pad makes character creation even easier on the fly, with multiple double-sided sheets for new characters and replay.
      • Sheet of die-cut Nuka Cola Cap tokens.

        Please note: imagery of GM's toolkit is subject to change based on approval, though contents is set.

        Custom Dice Set

        Resplendent in Vaultsuit Blue with yellow contrast for clear readability, this dice set has been custom-tailored for the Fallout tabletop Roleplaying Game. This set includes all the dice a single player needs and will cover all mechanics found in the core rulebook. 

        • 20-sided Hit Location dice (x1)
        • 20-sided dice with the VaultTec logo on the '1' face (x2)
        • Six-sided Damage Dice showing Vault Boy and blast marks (x4)

        Nuka-Cola Caps

        This is a set of 50 distressed Nuka-Cola bottle caps made by an official bottle cap manufacturer with an approved graphic design to resemble authentic Nuka-Cola caps!  Great for cosplayers and Fallout fans as well as Fallout roleplayers. 

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