Legacy: Generation Ship (Worlds of Legacy 1) - PDF

You’re trapped inside the heart of a decaying generation ship drifting between the stars. How will you survive and find a new home?

Your families woke up from cryostasis half way through a thousand year journey. Now you must find a way to live on a ship that wasn’t intended to support long-term habitation, keep it running, and try to make sure future generations reach the promised land at the end of your journey.

Generation Ship is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition focusing on mankind’s struggle to survive a perilous journey between the stars.

Key Features:
• Find a new way to survive with 6 new Family playbooks and 8 new Character playbooks. Take control of The Keepers of the Long Sleep, The Maintenence Collective, The Scrounge, The Echo and more!
• New rules to guide the exploration of the labyrinthine ship, and force you to work together to overcome each new crisis.
• Five Ship Systems that guide your exploration and forever redefine the ship once active.

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