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John Carter of Mars: Jeddak of Jeddaks - Late Pledge

£1,000.00 GBP

Jeddak of Jeddaks

The Deluxe leatherbound Barsoom Edition of the John Carter of Mars roleplaying game with engraved metal corners, metal closure, gold finish imprint on leather cover, red page edges and bookmark PLUS The Deluxe leather bound Jeddak of Jeddaks Notebook & ERB Doodat leather dicebag PLUS The deluxe large fabric map of Barsoom (39" x 27" / 100cm x 71cm) PLUS the complete contents of the JOHN CARTER DOTAR SOJAT pledge. 

  • Deluxe Barsoom edition of the John Carter of Mars core book
  • Deluxe Jeddak of Jeddak's Leather Notebook
  • ERB 'Doodat' Leather dice bag
  • John Carter of Mars Collectors Slipcase Set
  • Gamesmaster Screen & Plot Booklet in print
  • Prince of Helium Notebook
  • All the unlocked Books in Print
  • All the unlocked Miniatures Sets
  • All the unlocked Dice Sets
  • All the unlocked PDF's (books, tiles, cards)

Shipping will be charged before each wave.You will be added to pledge manager to complete your order.