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John Carter of Mars: Ultimate Bundle

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£450.00 GBP

This special John Carter of Mars roleplaying bundle contains everything you need to get started with the game including core books, Narrator’s Screen, Player’s Guide and dice sets, plus all selected miniatures sets and individuals and PDFs of all books and publications contained in the series! 


John Carter of Mars Collector’s Slipcase Set including the core book and Phantoms of Mars campaign book 

Narrator's Screen & Plot Booklet 

Prince of Helium Notebook 

Player's guide 

All three unlocked Dice Sets: Helium, Thark and Zodanga 

Prince of Helium, Dotar Sojat and Jeddak of Jeddaks Wave 2 books!


All the unlocked PDFs (books, tiles, cards etc.)

Miniatures Sets 

Heroes of Barsoom
Heroes of Helium
Helium Fighting Crew
Zodangan Fighting Crew
Thark Warband Miniatures Set
Alternative John Carter
Alternative Dejah Thoris
White Ape
Synthetic Man
Plant Man
Ras Thavas
Gor Hajus