Judge Dredd Case File Compendium 1


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In humanity’s bleak future, a city with a population numbering in the hundreds of millions is watched over by a totalitarian regime who invests its Judges with the authority to dispense instant justice. Life in Mega-City One is a dazzling panoply of bizarre outfits, outrageous fads, short-lived highs and excruciatingly long lows. The gigantic Citi-Blocks and crumbling tenements of yesteryear shelter a hodgepodge of people and aliens, all largely striving to survive the daily grind of the Big Meg.

All-too often, a life of crime is the easy answer for citizens looking to keep their heads above the waters of the Black Atlantic. Which is where the Justice Department and their army of Judges step in. Crossing the line from citizen to perp warrants an instant response for the crime, and almost definitely some time in an iso-cube. With daily crime at almost unmanageable levels, can you step in to a Judge’s boots and implement the Law to help stymie the tide?

Case File Compendium 1 is a collection of crime capers written
for the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD roleplaying game. The anthology presents several adventures that can each be run as a solo scenario or easily dropped into an already established campaign. Pull on your helmet and clip on your badge, it’s time to make the city’s streets safe once again!

Requires the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook.


  • Seven ready-to-run case files.
  • Scenario guidance for Judges, perps, and civilians.
  • New scenario rules, such as the opportunity to assess Cadets.

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