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PLEASE NOTE! There are price increases in untracked shipping to the US so we are working on new routes to improve pricing we hope to have live by September.
PLEASE NOTE! There are price increases in untracked shipping to the US so we are working on new routes to improve pricing we hope to have live by September.

Kung Fu Panda Boardgame (with Masters expansion) BUNDLE

£80.00 GBP

Modiphius Entertainment presents the most awesome Kung Fu Board game!


This is awesome co-operative board game where you get to play as one of the Furious Five or Dragon Warrior Po. Explore the game's different challenges as you come up against Ox Grunts, Wolf Slashers & Spearmen, and the Wolf Boss as well as Tai Lung himself!

A game of furious action where players co-operate under a time limit to defeat Tai Lung & other villains from the Kung Fu Panda movies.

Each of the heroes has a character card with a number of health points (hearts) and a special power. In the case of Po if he rolls a Chi symbol, he can use it to heal wounds. 

The game uses the Furious Action Dice which show various faces: a Kick, a Punch, two Moves, a Chi and a Claw. Players frantically roll four dice to get different combos to move around the board, attack enemies, and complete exciting objectives. The game features a unique mechanic, if you roll Claws on the dice, you move around the Dial of Destiny triggering enemies to spawn and attack! 

We have a mode for young Masters where the timer is not used, to help them learn the game, you can also use this with your group to learn how to play before the clock starts ticking! 

The special move cards add more depth and fun to your games, and more challenge to your campaigns. The cards let you summon and use your Chi roles in new ways; breaking walls on your own; throwing enemies great distances; or even reviving players previously out of reach!

 Download a free copy of the rules right here!

This bundle comprises:
1 x Kung Fu Panda Board Game
1 x Kung Fu Panda White Box Masters Expansion


Masters Expansion
Now you can have the ultimate Kung Fu Panda experience with the offical board game and it's miniture packed expansion! Fight alongside any of the Furious Five, Po, or the legendary Masters at multiple levels of challenge! Play with young masters in a easier step by step setting, or race against the clock and powerful foes in the fiendishly difficult Supreme Awesome Mode.

The bundle includes interchangeable miniatures for bad guys, 'make your own' tiles for you to expand as you choose, and different dice colours for each player.  All the expansion masters come with new rules for play with the core game, and with game pieces in the same style as the core box, each a detail sculpt rendered in pvc with a 'statue' ink finish.

A huge number and array of bad guys are on the loose as well - Lord Shen and Kai from Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, as well as the Jombie twins and Gorilla Guards. These can be used to replace Tai Lung and the Ox Grunts in the core game. There are also jade versions of Kai and the Jombie Twins, all of which can swap in for core game components.
This bundle is remainder Kickstarter product, and will be available while stocks last direct from the Modiphius store or at certain events.