Mutant Chronicles: Brotherhood vs Dark Legion Medallion

Bring the brilliant Mutant Chronicles universe to life with this handsome Brotherhood vs Dark Legion medallion, the perfect accessory to display your loyalty to mankind's last hope who shines like a beacon in the darkness.

Inscribed with the motto, 'The Light and Wisdom of the Cardinal', on the obverse side, you can commemorate the sacrifice of the first cardinal Nathaniel Durand who united the corporations and hurled the Dark Legion back into the void from whence it came, losing his life in the process as he fought and killed Algeroth, their commander.

Show your allegiance to the Cardinal and the Brotherhood with this protection against the encroaching darkness. It could be all that stands between you and the menace of the Dark Symmetry!

Or perhaps you prefer to embrace your darker side with the reverse, displaying your allegiance to the Dark Apostles and the unbridled fury of the Dark Legion? Once again you will overthrow mankind and his puny defences and rise to enslave him!

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