Mutant Chronicles: Cartel Artefact Bag


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Mutant Chronicles Cartel Artifact Bag. Display your loyalty to the Cartel, with this splendid Cartel bag, a rare and precious artefact from the acclaimed Mutant Chronicles universe.

Cartel are inter-corporation peacekeepers, set up with the sole purpose of uniting the factions to fight the Dark Legion. Though nominally peacekeepers, Cartel's armed forces consist of Doomtroopers, super elite warriors armed with the very latest weapons and equipment.

High quality deluxe canvas bag featuring the Cartel logo for stashing your artefacts. 


Multi-pocketed satchel design with buckles, straps, made from thick canvas and sporting the Cartel logo. A useful sized bag with a distressed finish. 

Unboxing video by Chris Birch himself.


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