Mutant Chronicles: Get Started Bundle

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This special Get Started bundle supplies you with everything you need for your roleplaying adventures in one handy package, and also includes a special discounted price, so you can get started right away with the minimum of effort. 

You’ll find a core rulebook so you can learn the rules and mechanics of playing the game, plus a Game Master screen to keep your secrets from the prying eyes of your players. 

It also includes a dice set to roll those bones and determine the outcomes of your skill test, plus a set of starting adventures and scenarios so you can get up and running quickly. 

It’s everything you need to get playing Mutant Chronicles at a special discounted price!


Mutant Chronicles Core Book
Mutant Chronicles Game Master Screen
Mutant Chronicles 5 x Brotherhood Dice
Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Campaign Book

 You will recieve FREE PDFs of all print titles upon completion of order!

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