Mutant Chronicles: PDF Lover's Definitive Collection

Prepare for future war as we proudly present the Mutant Chronicles PDF Collection, featuring every book in the Mutant Chronicles RPG range (including the just-released Dark Eden campaign) as well as both the Third Edition Core Book and Player's Guide, plus every corporation guide and handbook, and new entries like Dark Eden, Venusian Apocalypse and the Mutant & Heretics source book, a massive 18 books in total! 

Mutant Chronicles is a full throttle futuristic diesel-punk ride through a solar system riven by corporate intrigue and warfare - and under threat from the malevolent of the Dark Symmetry and its instruments the Dark Apostles and Dark Legion. 

Will you join corporations like Capitol, who are first amongst the stars, first upon Luna, and first upon Mars? Maybe you'll opt for the serenity and complex bureaucracy of Imperial who derive power from the Serene Leader and Houses of Parliament? Whoever you choose you'll no doubt encounter the sinister Dark Legion, who have been plotting to overthrow mankind for over 1200 years! 

Mutant Chronicles PDF Lover's Definitive Collection

Bauhaus Source Book
Brotherhood Source Book
Capitol Source Book
Dark Eden Campaign
Dark Eden Source Book
Cartel and Orbitals Source Book
Cybertronic Source Book
Dark Legion Campaign
Dark Soul Source Book
Dark Symmetry Campaign
Imperial Source Book
Luna & Freelancers
Mutants & Heretics Source Book
Mishima Source Book
Player's Guide
Third Edition Core Book
Venusian Apocalypse Source Book
Whitestar Source Book

It's the perfect package for Mutant Chronicles PDF lovers everywhere and a fantastic way of launching yourself into the Mutant Chronicles universe!


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