Mutant Chronicles: Solar System map

Explore the outer reaches of the universe with this Mutant Chronicle's fabric map, which comes in two sizes, Large and Massive, and forms the perfect guide to a solar system riven by corporate intrigue and beset by the invasion of the Dark Legion.

Each map is digitally printed on silky soft, high quality fabric and features all the key planets and satellites of the corporate-dominated solar system, forming an admirable backdrop for your Mutant Chronicles adventures.

See key locations like Gladius and Victoria, the strongholds of Luna, Venus and Mars, plus all the major interplanetary transport routes. Plot your course from the fiery orbit of Mercury to the outer limits of the Kuiper belt, as you try to resist the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry and the onslaught of the Dark Legion.

The Large map measures 45cm x 60cm and makes a great table top companion, but the Massive size (100 x 140 cm) is so big, it will make a more-than-serviceable table cloth for your Mutant Chronicles roleplaying adventures.

We also have even more Mutant Chronicles accessories for you to enjoy, including custom faction die, a six D6 combat dice set and the brand new Mutant Chronicles Gamesmaster 

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