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FREE SHIPPING over £150 to US/UK use code USUK

Nibiru Adventure - Family Matters - PDF

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Remember Your Past. Secure Your Future

Nibiru is a Science Fiction Roleplaying Game of Lost Memories. Players take on the role of Vagabonds: amnesiacs lost in a massive space station, home to millions, where stories of drama and struggle are written on a daily basis.

The time of harvest is here. As the Vagabonds venture into the Archaean Sorrows, in hopes of fulfilling their debt and keeping their place at the crossroads haven, a family struggles through tragedy and harship. What stalks them, beneath the still water, and the glowing fungi?

Family Matters is an adventure set in the mysterious region of Umbra, of desolated communities and the strange creatures that roam their edge. It is an ideal starting point for any Nibiru chronicle.

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