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This free Conan Roleplaying Game Quickstart PDF gives you an introduction to the 2d20 system, a short adventure, 7 pre-generated characters and an overview of the world of Conan and the Hyborian Age 

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CONAN! This time, called the Hyborian Age, is an era of great antiquity and renewal, brutality as well as beauty. Kingdoms rise amidst the remains of bygone lands, places that were themselves swept away in cataclysmic upheaval. Forgotten secrets of sorcery, ancient artifacts, and devices of strange science lurk undiscovered in moldering ruins within the walls of lost cities, to be discovered by the daring or the unwary. Gods have flourished and been forgotten, but the great black vale of eternity remains, and within this outer dark are cosmic horrors of a scale unimaginable, their evil beyond all comprehension. Humanity has crawled back from mere savagery time and again, and nations stand ready to rage across the map, sweeping away civilization once more in a tide of blood and iron. 

ROBERT E. HOWARD’S CONAN: ADVENTURES IN AN AGE UNDREAMED OF is a brand new roleplaying game based on the incredible character of Conan and of the Hyborian age. The game line features one of the biggest line ups of major artists ever for a roleplaying game. Each book is a beautiful high quality hard cover book featuring a major commissioned cover art by one of the legendary names we have assembled along with truly authentic and evocative content by industry veterans and newcomers...

...all under the watchful eye of world-renowned Conan experts and scholars including Jeffrey ShanksPatrice Louinet and Mark Finn, working together to bring you the most authentic Conan roleplaying experience yet, focusing exclusively on Robert E. Howard’s original stories. 

The core rulebook for Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of is a 368 page full colour  book containing everything you’ll need to adventure in the world of Robert E. Howard’s hero, Conan. It is based entirely on the canonical Conan stories, and uses the 2D20 system developed by Modiphius and used in Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, Infinity, John Carter Warlord of Mars and other fine games. This tome presents character generation, the game’s rules, and a wealth of source material, including cultures, geography, religions, magic, gods, monsters, gamemastering advice, adventure seeds, and much more. This work has been developed by an all-star writing team, with close involvement by respected Robert E. Howard authorities, and is illustrated by world-renowned Conan artists. 

All the supplements will also be in beautiful full colour hardback and describe the world in additional detail, presenting different styles of play from the phases of Conan’s saga... Thief, Barbarian, Mercenary, Pirate, the Unknown East, Brigand, Kingdoms of the South, Scout... and King. Other books will explore sorcery, monsters and demons, nameless cults, secret societies and fighting orders, distant lands, ancient ruins, and lost cities. The game line will be supported with a wide range of ready-to-play adventures and campaigns spanning the breadth of Conan’s world.

"You have, no doubt, heard tell of Conan... the barbarian who stole a kingdom with his red-stained sword-hand and crowned himself in iron... but the Hyborian Age knew many heroes... and Their tales are yet to be told..."

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