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Shadows Over Normandie: Cthulhu Call One expansion

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This is Shadows Over Normandie's first expansion Cthulhu Call One!

After their fight against the Deep Ones and the Black Sun, Captain Duval's Rangers try to escape the swamps. The smoking ruins of this damned Deep Ones' village are far behind them, but a new threat looms on the horizon.

A cult of fanatics, the Sons of Cthulhu, are attracted by the magical radiations freed in the area during the battle and wants to slaughter the remaining protagonists to gather powerful artifacts.They're led by Derleth, a servant of the Old Gods who is in possession of a rare copy of the famous Culte des Ghoules, a grimoire wrote by Franois-Honor Balfour dâ erlette, a french nobleman, in 1702.

With the power contained in this book, Derleth and the Sons of Cthulhu are able to stand against the might of the Black Sun magicians. The rituals begin, the sacrifices are made, the signs are drawn.

But the cult of the Black Sun won't easily give the initiative to this band of zealots

To add to the horror, terrible secret experiments, conducted by professor Lovecraft, are under way in the Deep Ones' caves. It would be unfortunate indeed if this occult dabbler's efforts could defeat death itself and offer eternal life to the Fuhrer and the Nazi leaders.

Magic saturates the sluggish air of the marsh while the players are converging to a central spot, a vortex of destiny, a pinnacle of the struggle between good and absolute evil.

Once more the course of the war could be dramatically disturbed by this terrible events and new mysteries may well be unveiled.