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Unique a combination of football rules and game strategy - to make a compelling tactical and strategic simulation of a real football match.


  • Two complete teams plus reserve players for substitution - a total of 32 miniatures of players
  • The Czech – Slovakia derby match is the main game of the first edition
  • 5 types of game pieces with different attributes – a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, forwards and a captain, all in team jerseys
  • It's a game of two halves - 45 turns each, plus a possible extension into extra time.
  • Special cards for better performance of the players and improved shooting, offside, substitution, posts, passing, extra time and goals
  • A simple game principle which allows children as of the age of 10 to play
  • Possibility for daring players to play by the extended rules (corners, fouls, free kicks, yellow and red cards, penalties, diving ...)
  • Attractive design with football atmosphere - the game "TO JE FOTBAL" is not just a strategy game, but also a stylish complement suitable for a room of any football fan 

The managers take turns during the game. A turn consists of moving three players and a possible kick if the team is in possession of the ball. The movement of players varies by their position. Like in chess, also here each game piece has different possibilities of movement and different attributes
The goalkeeper fulfills his role thanks to his rapid movement in the goal area
The defenders dispose of enhanced defensive skills and may move faster towards their own gate
The midfielders may use long passes to set up the offense
The forwards’ offensive skills are boosted by a faster movement forward
The captain has the attributes of all types of the players; he is chosen by the manager himself before the match
The movement of the ball – the length of a shot or a pass is determined by the roll of the dice but it is the manager who chooses the direction of the movement. A shot can be improved by using playing cards. Their number is limited, therefore the manager must strategize when to use them
Substitution - just like in a real football game, the manager uses substitution (with regards to the course of the match) to change the structure of his team, and supports more either the offence or the defence