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PLEASE NOTE! There are price increases in untracked shipping to the US so we are working on new routes to improve pricing we hope to have live by September.
PLEASE NOTE! There are price increases in untracked shipping to the US so we are working on new routes to improve pricing we hope to have live by September.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Terrain Expansion: Vault Flooring Pack STL

£2.99 GBP

Friend, where will you and your loved ones be when the bombs fall? Secure their future the way you want with a state-of-the-art underground vault from Vault-Tec!

You have been chosen as the designer of this critical structure, and with this upgrade pack you’ll have all you need to expand your vault with new options for flooring and tile options which build on the existing Vault Design Starter Pack and Vault Walls Upgrade Pack, Atrium PackOffice Bundle amd Vault Themed Dressing/Scatter.

Will you create spacious avenues and living spaces for the survivors to-be, or will you further the causes of science by limiting access to unnecessary luxuries such as food, water, and oxygen?

Build your own Vault-Tec Vault with the STL design files, ready to be the background for epic and immersive games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and its RPG Expansion. This Vault Interior Vault Flooring Pack includes files for all manner of flooring tiles giving players huge amounts of versatility and variation to build their own vault.

Includes STL printable files for:

Large Tile
Medium Tile
Small Tile
Small Double Tile
Hatch Large
Hatch Medium
Hatch Utility Corridor A
Hatch Utility Corridor B
Floor Mat Large
Maintainance Tile A
Maintainance Tile B
Macro Tile
Macro Tile Double
Rubble Medium
Sheet Scrap
Stiped Medium Tile
Traffic Cone
Utility Corrridor Large
Utility Corridor Small

Watch out for further Vault Design sets coming soon! Please note this pack now contains an additional component which is only required if you have purchased both the Atrium product and the Flooring pack product. It allows you to have a floor in the Atrium and everything be the correct height.
If you have only purchased the Atrium, the original and taller version of this component already exists within that product. Final image shows this component.

Please note: this is an STL ONLY and not the physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use. 

Our reference consumer grade 3D printer is the Form 2 SLA (Stereolighotgraphy Apparatus) resin 3D printer by Formlabs. 

The recommended print resolution is 25 microns, though users may find the 50 microns setting may be acceptable for some larger objects.  Lower resolutions are not recommended. 

The Form 2 printer has a maximum build size of 145 (L) x 145 (W) x 175 (H) mm.

3D printable file and model ©2020 Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company.  All Rights Reserved. 

Please note that all content is subject to trademark ® and copyright © protection of the brand named above. 
- STL files are sold on an "as-is" basis only, we do not accept modification requests and printing and technical support is not provided.
- 3D Printable files have strictly non-commercial, non-distribution licenses and shall be downloaded for personal use only. 
- The customer may not share, distribute, sell,  rent, sub-license, host or transfer the 3D printable file. 
- The customer may not 3D print these files for commercial or mass production purpose. 
- 3D printable files maybe downloaded for personal only and may not be used for marketing, collecting money, fees, donations, reimbursement or any purposes of remuneration: Including but not limited to selling 3D prints, posting content on Ebay, Etsy, Shapeways, Facebook, store or any other product or file sharing or distribution site or service. 
- Any violation is  subject to legal enforcement of intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution.