The Dark Eye: Aventuria Almanac Digest Edition

Explore the many facets of the Dark Eye with the Aventuria Almanac, your guide to the official setting for the fantasy roleplaying game. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and learn why the fantastic continent of Aventuria is like no other.

This indispensable guide is designed for players and GMs. Explore the regions, kingdoms and history of Aventuria in detail. \entires for key cities cover inhabitants, customs, trade, science, law and order, magic and the works of the gods. Learn about the icy wastes of the Far North, the many provinces of the Middenrealm and the mysterious home of the Elves in the verdant woods of the Salamander Stones. Travel the merchant routes of the Khom Desert, face the perils of the Lizard Swamps and the steaming jungles of the Meridiana and delve into the hidden mines of the dwarves.

This is the Core Rules in a smaller Softback Edition!



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