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Black Void: The Flight from Salvation Square - PDF (FREE)

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An honest thief, a fraudulent chatter-broker, a drug-addicted guard and a turncoat gang-member have set out to recover a sacred idol stolen from the Cult of Tiamat.

The retrieval itself was a success, but something went wrong and now pursuers are hot on their heels as the characters flee.

Their escape lies on the other side of Salvation Square, a slum area riddled with hazards and hostile dwellers. A dhow will arrive before dawn at the quay and leave as the bells of the morning palace begin to toll to take the characters to safety… …if they can get to it in time!

Central themes, species and locations of the BLACK VOID setting are showcased in this introductory adventure as it takes the protagonists on a hazardous flight through a notorious district of Llyhn the Eternal.

The Flight from Salvation Square is a Quickstart ready-to-go adventure with an enticing non-linear storyline, perfect as a 3-4 hour one-shot or as a starting point for a campaign.

The adventure module is intended for four players and includes pre-generated characters. 

  • 47 pages
  • Four pre generated characters
  • Multiple new NPC’s and adversaries
  • Original map of Salvation Square