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Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Battle Mode & Force Lists PDF - FREE

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Do you want a more competitive feel to your Fallout Wasteland games? Now you can find who is really the ruler of the wasteland with the Fallout Battle mode rules and points values: This FREE Fallout Wasteland Warfare download contains: 

  • Fallout Wasteland Warfare Battle Mode Rules
  • Item and Unit Costs
  • Individual Survivor, Super Mutant and Brotherhood of Steel Force Lists
  • Combined Force List

While the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Campaign Handbook introduces narrative modes of play, Battle Mode allows your games to focus on combat in the Wasteland –although you’ll still need your survival skills.

The Battle Mode rulebook will give you all you need in order to play competitive scenarios and determine the victor of each battle. It supports  balanced, competitive games and allows you to compete in organized tournaments.

Since combat is this mode’s main focus, you will find that some features of the narrative game have  been stripped down, to encourage fast, high-action encounters suitable for multiple games in tournament play.