Robert Salters' BATTLESPACE solo wargame gets official deluxe retail edition! 

Modiphius has teamed up with designer Robert Salters to publish his ultra modern solo wargame BATTLESPACE with an official deluxe edition for retail through our VIA MODIPHIUS publishing programme. 

Battlespace is an ultra-modern military tabletop solo game that is designed to be easy to learn and quick to play.

A player starts by selecting 4 pre-made soldiers to form a fireteam that will enter a combat zone to achieve their mission’s objectives. The soldiers’ stats are easy to comprehend and have all of the information required to get them to the table without spending valuable time flipping through the rule book. A fireteam can go into the fight with just their basic assets or they can be outfitted with gear in their loadouts to further differentiate them from one another.

Be prepared to face a multitude of situations and increasing tactical depth with each game. The enemy AI in Battlespace takes all of the guess work out of movement and positioning, so gameplay is fluid and feels intuitive. Each opposition forces gives a different challenge as every enemy element possesses a unique tactic.

Battlespace truly sets itself apart from other solo skirmish games by incorporating a fog of war mechanic in the sitrep cards. This deck of print and play cards gives the game a true feeling of the uncertainties on the battlefield. Each card drawn manipulates the battle adding ultimate replayability.


Battlespace Deluxe Edition includes the following updates and expanded material:

- Two all new enemy factions, the Criminal Organization and Dark Lake PMC.
- Three new pre-made playable forces, CIA, Spetsnaz and the SAS.
- Fans of the original Battlespace will find that the rules have been expanded, clarifying the mechanics even more, addressing errata and concerns players had with the first edition.
- Rules regarding vehicles have been revised and now cover an array of vehicle types to include helicopters and boats.
- The deluxe edition also answers the players’ request for character creation. Now players can customize their soldiers with the stats and specialties they want on the battlefield.
- Finally, the new mission generator makes the deluxe edition of Battlespace even faster to set up and play by assigning players their deployment, objective and exfil.

BATTLESPACE Deluxe Edition be on pre-order soon so sign up for Sitreps from Robert below to be the first to know!

Welcome to the battle!


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