Where once mighty legions marched, and valiant tribes fought, where legends walked the lands and terrors prowled the vast forests, where ancient secrets unlocked immense power and inhuman gods threatened chaos and destruction…

COHORS CTHULHU is a setting for Lovecraftian horror set against the backdrop of epic heroism, intrigue and strife in the era of ancient Rome. COHORS CTHULHU will allow players to discover hidden truths behind pivotal historical events as well as the myths and legends of the peoples in this time. Magic exists, available through belief and prayer in capricious gods. And behind the clash of mortals is a greater conflict between vast and malevolent powers competing to either subjugate humanity or shape its civilizations to suit their own sinister agendas.

 Amid a war-torn and fractious world of Roman legionaries bent on conquest pitted against barbarian warriors protecting their tribes, players take on the roles of diverse heroes from across the Empire, places such as Germania, Gaul, Britannia, Aegyptus, Assyria, Hispania and even eternal Rome herself. Arising from a wide array of backgrounds, they battle the darker horrors facing all of humanity. Whether the fight was forced on them, or they chose this path, it requires putting aside allegiances and prejudices, and to make friends with former enemies. They confront peril to gather remnants of forgotten magic, most often preserved by priests of jealous and competing gods.

Fickle as humanity’s gods may be, they are sometimes the only recourse against those from beyond the stars. Nyarlathotep, the God of a Thousand Forms, has unleashed myriad schemes to corrupt once sacred cults across Rome, Germania, and beyond. In the shadows lurk powerful corrupted survivors of Atlantis, their minds having been twisted by Sarthothus, the Shattered God, whose alien intellect has infected the Atlantean relics upon which their power relies.

Other entities prowl the shadows. Ancient godlike beings slumber beneath the oceans and in lost ruins, sending dreams to their cults, Deep Ones demand sacrifices from coastal villages and raid along the waterways. Mi-Go, dangerous visitors from other stars, have sent expeditions into the mountains to plunder Earth’s resources and perform horrific experiments on its people. Horrific creatures and ancient beings of incalculable power stalk the periphery of civilization seeking living things upon which to feast… or worse.

There is a reason humanity is coveted by entities that can swallow entire stars—their limitless potential threatens even the gods. It falls to your heroes to achieve that potential, by plundering forgotten ruins, seeking strange allies, entering into dubious pacts, exploring untamed forests where deranged cultists prowl, all to empower themselves against the Mythos. They may find weapons such as Atlantean relics, be transformed by Hyperborean armories, or earn the blessings of more benevolent gods. Ordinary mortals can aspire to rise as demigods and make a stand against the darkness. It remains to be seen if they can surmount the heights, or if they will instead fall to the malevolent forces seeking to corrupt their aspirations. There are many epic tales yet to be told, including yours...

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

— Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor A.D. 161-180 A.D)

Mighty Warriors of Rome and their Barbarian Foes Join forces to Battle Nameless Horrors from Beyond Space and Time!

COHORS CTHULHU is set in the same universe as the Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 tabletop roleplaying game, this time introducing adventurers to an era of daring gladiators, valiant centurions, and brave Germanic heroes.

You are fighting a hidden war, on the fringes of the Roman Empire. Far up on the Northern border, Romans and Germanic tribes clash in the dark and forbidden forests that cover these lands. Soon, however, you’ll have to band together to stem the invading forces of an insidious cult and its swarm of abhorrent creatures from the deep cosmos.

COHORS CTHULHU puts you on the front lines of the known world in the 2nd century, using fire, steel, and ancient technology to fight Eldritch horrors! You’ll arrive in the troubled Roman frontier town of Laurium, the archetypal walled fort that sits on the border between civilization and the mysterious, foreboding lands. Smoky taverns filled with dangerous vagabonds swirl with gossip and whispers of terrifying creatures, strange ruins, and haunted forests in 2nd century Northern Europe. Barbaric Germanic tribesmen prowl the thick woodland, but are they the only thing the Romans should be worried about?

Watch out for regular reveals, videos and fiction introducing the people of Laurium and the growing threat!

  • A cinematic RPG driven by the 2d20 system also seen in Modiphius’ Dune, Star Trek Adventures, Dishonored, and Fallout roleplaying games. This is based on the Achtung! Cthulhu edition of 2d20 and will feature systems to help you get playing the moment you open the book.
  • A narrative wargame designed to be playable solo and cooperatively. The game will also get you on the table playing from page one, while a campaign will unveil the full story of this epic hidden war.
  • A complete miniatures line (scaled for 28mm to be compatible with other major historical lines) will provide plenty of heroes, creatures, and strange factions battling for the ancient world. 
  • A fiction series including a complete COHORS CTHULHU novel and an anthology of short stories following the exploits of a host of characters seen throughout the products.

    Video by Kagan Productions